Dru yoga classes are available as follows: 

  • Day classes are held on Friday mornings at the St Peter and Paul Vestry Hall, The Green Walk, London E4 7EN.  They are mixed ability group classes and take place at 9.30 - 10.45 am.  Classes cost £60.00 for a 6 week course.  New students can try Dru yoga  with a "drop-in" class  which costs £12.00.  Pre-booking is essential for these classes. 
  • One to one sessions and  one to two sessions are available at the Yoga Hall or can be organised in your own home at a time to suit. 
  • Mums, Sons, Dads and Daughters  - family yoga classes  are available on request. 


Terms and conditions

If you have booked a bespoke yoga class and find you are unable to attend the class you must give 24 hours  notice of cancellation or you become liable for the full cost of the missed class.   


Further details about Dru Yoga are set out below.  





Yoga is an excellent way of helping people to: 

  • Relieve stress
  • Create confidence
  • Build core strength
  • Learn to focus
  • Become more intuitive
  • Master emotions
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Achieve success.




Dru yoga offers graceful soft flowing movements using classical Hatha yoga postures, directed breathing and visualisation. Enjoy upbeat music throughout and a soothing relaxation session at the end of the asanas. Anyone can do Dru yoga regardless of age, body shape or ability. It can take you to any level of fitness you want and can help as part of a weight control programme. The meditation techniques can help with positive thinking.



There is no requirement for special sports clothing or trainers.  Simply dress in loose fitting clothing and socks (or work with bare feet). You will need your own yoga mat if you are attending a group class (available from leading supermarkets as well as sports shops) although  a yoga mat will  be provided for one to one classes. All other equipment is provided by Eye Spy Yoga.  





"I  particularly enjoy learning and practicing breathing techniques in order to meditate.  I see this as a pathway to developing inner peace and self discovery".

                                                 Jo Wisbey, London